Welcome, Baby Boomers!

Welcome, Baby Boomers!

I’m glad you’re here.

There’s so much I plan to accomplish with this site. I want to fill it with resources that fellow baby boomers can use to create, launch and grow their own wildly successful post retirement businesses. I want to include interviews of boomers who are starting out or are already making it with businesses of their own.  And I want to offer my own programs that will help boomers live successful and fulfilling post retirement lives.

I really think that our skills, talent, experience and expertise, combined with today’s global access to potential clients and customers, makes this a particularly awesome time for us boomers to thrive in ways that previous generations have not been able to.  And thrive we must, as chances are we’ll live longer, may be simultaneously caring for aging parents as well as live at home children or grandchildren, and find that those pensions (if indeed you’re part of the fast disappearing segment of the population who still has one coming) and 401ks provide threadbare safety nets in the wake of all the financial demands made on us.

Yes, despite our challenges, I am optimistic for our generation, and invite you to join me on this grand adventure known as the second half of  our lives.  I look forward to getting to know you.

Mary Anne Hahn



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