Boomers & Today’s Technology: Yay or Nay You Say?

Today’s technology.  It’s crazy, right?  That photos of the formerly unknown sexiest crook and sexiest cop can go global within days of each other?  That images like the ones below have become everyday sights in city streets, college campuses, airports, museums–even bars and restaurants?

smartphone 3smartphone 4smartphone 5

Or that bizarre rumors can spread across social media seemingly at the speed of light (or at least the speed of sound) and be considered gospel by so many people?

rumors Abe

And yet–the very things that might drive you batty about the internet, social media, hashtags (you know, like #HowDoYouKFC) and mobile devices can also be the very things that can help you launch a new business quickly and inexpensively, or enable you to take your existing business to whole new levels.  Really, really fast.

You just need to learn a few tricks of the trade…and implement them consistently.

Those faces above staring into those smartphone screens? They could wind up being your clients or customers. Or they might share an update from you with their 493 Facebook friends or their 1,617 Twitter followers.  They might be trying to look up your business’s phone number right this very moment.  Or maybe they want to look at your menu, list of services, availability, amenities, location–what have you.  Their noses aren’t stuck in a phone book or newspaper.  Shouldn’t you be where they are?

And don’t let those images fool you regarding generational differences.  Baby boomers are flocking to Facebook for connections, Google for information and are becoming increasingly internet savvy…facts that increase exponentially with the forty- and thirty-somethings who follow us.  Chances are you found this blog via a Facebook ad, Twitter post or via another blog.  You want your business to be where people will find you as well.

Yes, I’m a boomer who loves the Web, and the gadgets that connect us to it.  It’s just a whole new way of letting our fingers do the walking.  If you’ve been even the slightest bit gun shy about tapping into today’s technology, I invite you to reconsider now. Dip your toe in.  The water’s fine.

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